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every portion at the Carniege Deli is huge, here i was given at least 4 lbs of Brisket to eat
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daaaaaaaaaaaayum! that looks incredible...mmmmmmmmmmmm.

4/12/2007 7:55:16 PM

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4 lbs

Regardless of your tall tale, its still looks delicious

4/12/2007 8:00:37 PM

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^mine you, that your looking at the plate from above, if you were looking at it, from the side, you would have seen that it was huge, and had a ton of meat there

4/20/2007 12:11:06 AM

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the point is a human can't contain that large a volume in food, even over say a 2-3 hour period.

4/20/2007 12:42:51 AM

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too bad its not pork

4/20/2007 12:54:06 AM

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that sauce looks like a bowel movement had while on tube feedings. disgusting.

4/20/2007 3:47:01 AM

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honestly, just looking at it makes me feel constipated.

4/20/2007 4:39:02 AM

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it tasted sooo good, i wish i had some more of this brisket right now.

4/20/2007 8:02:55 AM

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is that kosher

4/21/2007 5:50:52 AM

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YES, brisket is a dish that is often prepared for dinner at Jewish holidays.

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4/21/2007 7:05:39 AM

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