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Gallery » honeycomb007
me and mom 
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She's so pretty...
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weird question but does ur mom live in Raintree??

12/26/2003 10:03:16 PM

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no, in seminole......... nice robb,just wait muahahahaha

12/26/2003 11:16:25 PM

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would it be cheesy if i said, milf

12/27/2003 3:51:36 AM

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No, but definately disgusting.

12/27/2003 3:58:27 AM

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hey i have those pants!! the pair honeycomb is wearing

12/27/2003 4:23:35 AM

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yeah everyone has those pants...... troux my mom is cute so shut it

12/27/2003 10:02:44 AM

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Yes, I'd like the combo platter, please!!

12/28/2003 2:22:55 PM

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damnit i like to think i'm unique hahha

12/28/2003 5:10:00 PM

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Krystle you are quite unique

12/28/2003 5:12:53 PM

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where in seminole does she live? i'd hit it.

1/6/2004 3:30:15 PM

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but the question is .....not "would you hit it?" but......"would SHE hit it"....

1/6/2004 5:05:27 PM

Da O Show
3 Photos

2 on 1 please!

1/6/2004 8:35:03 PM

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yea KT i dont think her mom is gonna give you any lovin. but if you tell her she got a purdy mouf, who knows

1/7/2004 4:26:06 PM

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u2 look like your ready to makeout

1/7/2004 9:30:47 PM

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1/14/2004 7:13:12 PM

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"two mamis..beautiful"
when are you going to finish painting that wall...move that lamp...come on!!

1/14/2004 10:25:20 PM

28 Photos

Hey its work in progresss.... these things take time lol

1/15/2004 12:38:09 AM

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U look tall tall R U?

1/15/2004 4:07:34 AM

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Im 5'9 but i wear heels alot...........

1/15/2004 8:37:15 PM

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