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Doesn't the guy on the left in the middle picture work on campus at ben and jerry's? lol Kinda sad... but many a lonely night have Otoo and I wandered in, high off our asses, ordering a mochachillo from that guy. haha

6/13/2004 8:48:05 AM

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look it's dirrrrrrrty!

whad up girl

6/13/2004 6:16:22 PM

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Yes Pete--and two years ago he worked in the cafeteria and was known as the "ma'am guy" cause he always said ma'am (and sir to the guys) to my friends and I...not that I'm complaining--seemed like a nice and respectful guy but I heard he was gay..?! *shrugs*

6/14/2004 1:09:54 AM

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No he's not gay, I have seen hime with a girlfriend. It's weird to see him drinking a beer though...

6/14/2004 1:24:55 AM

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YEah he's not gay he's married ....

6/14/2004 2:40:13 AM

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