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i'm ashamed to say it but i know thats the back wall of target

4/14/2005 5:13:33 PM

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well all know that she got the noodle that is longer and slightly firmer

4/14/2005 6:03:15 PM

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Is that the latest competing brand in tampon-ware?

4/14/2005 7:48:07 PM

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^ummm, theyre golf balls deb lol

4/14/2005 7:50:56 PM

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Yeah and Michael Jackson never touches little boys...

4/14/2005 7:53:35 PM

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al dente? Did you fling it against the wall to see if it stuck?

4/14/2005 9:11:00 PM

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quote :

Is that the latest competing brand in tampon-ware?

You use golf balls for tampons?

You are a soldier.

12/19/2005 6:58:36 AM

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