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thats my f-in house and my f-in car!! 
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welcome to the internet

8/16/2008 2:53:25 AM

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way back when a thread was made about this, I think only major cities had been done.. I had no clue google did every freakin road in america

8/16/2008 6:13:54 AM

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You forgot to cover a zip code and a street...

8/16/2008 6:31:18 AM

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for someone that drives a G35, so much time in making sure we won't find it...who cares!

8/16/2008 6:52:29 PM

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^ haha, always gotta be careful

8/16/2008 9:21:49 PM

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haha what's great is the one of my house shows all my friends' cars and someone parked illegally yet the satellite view is still just dirt.

[Edited by shchmue on 8/17/2008 4:23:23 AM. Reason for edit: dirt: from living in a new-ish subdivision]

8/17/2008 4:22:53 AM

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